- the home of exquisite couture dresses in silk, linen and wool

I am a bespoke dressmaker, and also work with natural fabrics to make a capsule range of daywear and loose comfortable clothes suitable for yoga, Pilates, mediation and more.
The range of yoga clothes may seem a little abstract if you are used to tight, tight, tight clothes. I teach Kundalini Yoga, and traditionally we wear loose, comfortable white clothes in natural fabrics. I have taught for over 20 years now in the clothes that I sell and find I love the feeling of light, breathable fabrics, and that I am not physically self-conscious or struggling to hide my belly or any other miscreant part of my anatomy. I can loose myself in the bliss of meditation and posture. I know that getting ready to do posture has always been a ritual, and that dressing in this way enhances the ceremony and commitment.
I work from my home in Sanderstead, CR2 0HA, and can also meet in Belgravia for fittings and delivery. My clothes are all made in the UK by Latif, my tailor for the last 20 years.
I have samples to try on in the different sizes and fabrics. If you already know my clothes you will know your size, and if you are new to Devotion, my sizes are kind and humane.
Personally, I am a UK 14-16 and had always struggled to find well-cut, well-stitched clothing that flatters and enhances the figure, particularly if you are in your 50’s plus.
Size Small, or S, is a UK 8-10

Size Medium, or M, is a UK 12-14

Size Large, or M, is a UK 16-18

Size Extra Large, or LL, is a UK 20-22

Larger sizes are available upon request.