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Luxurious Sheepskin

Luxurious Sheepskin

Product Code: YMSHPN002

£108.00 £90.00

Pure Wool, a Natural Alternative to the Sticky Mat

Once upon a time yogis sat on tiger skins. The skins represented the domination of the ego. As it’s no longer PC to sit on a tiger skin, we use sheepskins. Yoga on a sheepskin is a quite delightful experience, as all practitioners of Kundalini Yoga will testify. Soft, warm, durable and comfortable. A portable sacred space. Yogis sleep on them, lie underneath them, wrap their children up in them. They are soft and divine. These are also washable and are shorn, so will not pile up into uncomfortable dreadlocks.

Size: As each one is individual, size can only be approximate. 120cm x 80cm

Weight: 1kg


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