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Devotion Trading Ltd

The Devotion SALE is now online.  


There is so much on SALE! I need to clear out all the stock now apart from the DVDs. So please, indulge in jewellery, wonderful Cards, altars, sheepskins, childrens clothes! So much marked down! Please do pass it on. 

And the good news is that FINALLY! after months of chaos, I am ready to start making clothes again.

The collection is small, but perfectly formed. And there is no excess stock, everything is Made-to-Order only. This means a different returns policy. I have checked with lawyers specialising in internet trading law and Devotion is within the law here as Bespoke and Made-to-Order items fall outside of the general retail law for internet trading.

if you want something made for you and you already have an item that works for you from my collection you can send it to me to be copied in your choice of fabric and colour, or if you know what you like/want, and your size according to my sizes then you place your order and it will be made and sent to you registered post. My turn around time is 3 weeks. I can work faster but will charge extra for the time needed to do so.

Please note that the prices listed on the clothes does not include the fabric price. I can supply at cost or you can purchase and provide the fabric that you like. 

All the designs that I currently will make are now up online. Please feel free to email me or call with questions. 02086513233.
Should you wish to come and see me, I live in South Croydon now, not Camberwell. I do not have a shop in my house, as such but can do bespoke appointments.

There are also beautiful Girls Clothes and Hand Stitched and Cashmere Shawls


Do also take a look at the Kundalini Yoga DVDs, malasbookstrainingsworkshops and Sacred Spaces.  


There are two new DVDs available: Kundalini Yoga for Healing & the Immune System parts 1 & 2. 



And a new yoga Teacher Training: www.theaddictivepersonality.com which is a fully certified Yoga Teacher Training in Mastering the Addictive Personality. 

 In the meantime, carolyncowan.com is coming along famously. There is an events & workshops calendar with active links through to all the relevant sites for more information on courses, where the emporium will be and lots more.

 The video section is a useful resource if you have not yet seen it. Lots of recipes, meditations, a couple of yoga kriyas and much, much more. I am amazed by how youtube works and have now taken to making my own short clips and put them up myself. It is amazing how far they spread.


The Run for Your Life section looks good, too. Lots of information, plus the PDF of my now infamous Running Programme is available to download from here.


In the downloads section there are lots of recordings of my classes, and i currently teach a class on Mastering the Addictive Personality at Sadhaka  11.30am on a Friday.


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Sale Items
  1. White Fresh Water Pearl Mala Save £200.00
  2. Silver Bracelet with Pearls Save £160.00
  3. Onyx Altar Save £150.00
  4. Sheesham Altar Save £140.00
  5. Large Hand Painted Disc Pendant Save £100.00


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